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151 613 Pine Street, s.d. 7, e.d. 42, Sheet No. 11B Smith, John A. (I11022)
152 67y 9m Sanderson, John (I6320)
153 7 Jan 1837 Copy of Court Record. At Monroe County Court 5 Dec 1836 onpetition of
Spencer Blankenship,
Gilbert Blankenship,
John and Betsey Watson,
Polly Farmer and husband Elijah Farmer,
John Blankenship,
William Adams and wife Sally, for division of lands which descended tothem and the
heirs of WIlliam and Barnett, dec'd, late of Monroe Co.,
Lot No. 1 to John and Betsey Watson, Lot No. 2 to John Blankenship, LotNo. 3 to heirs of WIlliam Blankenship, Lot No. 4 to Elijah and PollyFarmer, Lot No. 5 Barnett Blankenship, Lot 6 to Gilbert Blankenship, Not7 to WIlliam and Sally Adams, Lot 8 to Spencer Blankenship ....Alsosurveyed 80 acres for heirs of Isham Blankenship et als against IshamBlankenship, dec'd, for partition for real estate. 
Blankenship, Isham (I7250)
154 7 miles east of Marshall, Mo. Moseley, Forrest Lee (I2130)
155 77y, wife E. [Shockley], Elizabeth " Betsy" (I10580)
156 85, 25 July 1834, Walter Small m. Rachel Anderson, Bondsman: Elias Anderson. Family F4667
157 88y [notation says Deb., 8, 1858 - could be Feb. or Dec.] Shockley, Eli (I10579)
158 ; same stone as Mollie E. Patrick, Wallace Jefferson (I8342)
159 Hudson/McClintock Marriage Record .pdf Vigo County Records, pg. 92, noted 14 July 2004, Application for Marriage License - Male: Application is hereby made for a license for the marriage of Claude Mirl Hudson to Elva McClintock upon the following statement of fact relative to said parti...
Application for Marriage License - Female: Application is hereby made for a license for the marriage of Elva McClintock to Claude Mirl Hudson upon the following statement of fact relative to said part, ies: 1. The full christian and surname of the woman is: Elva McClintock, 2. Color: White, 3. Where born: Bennett? Ind, 4. When born: May 8 - 1897, 5. Pres...
State of Indiana, Vigo County, ss: I, the undersigned Justice of the Peace hereby certify that Claude Mirl Hudson and Elva McClintock were legally joined together as Husband and Wife on the 22nd day O, ctober, 1921 by me, James P. Madigan 
Family F861
160 Rowe/Hudson .pdf
Marriage Record - Vigo County, pg. 497
Application for Marriage License - Male
Application is hereby made for a license for the marriage of Rushton N.Rowe to Orbie Hudson upon the following statement of fact relative tosaid parties:
1. The full christian and surname of the man is: Rushton M. Rowe, 2.Color: White, 3. Where born: Terre Haute, Vigo Co, 4. When born: Nov 15 -1890, 5. Present residence: 1728 - N 3rd St. City, 6. Present occupation:Butcher, 7. If no occupation[...], 8. Is the male contracting party ofnearer blood kin to the female contracting party than second cousin? no,9. Full christian and surname of father: Andrew Rowe, 10. His color:white, 11. His birthplace: England, 12. His occupation: Butcher, 13. Hisresidence:, 14. Full christian and surname of mother: Clara Rowe, 15. Hercolor: white, 16. Her occupation: at home , 17. Her birthplace:England,18. Her residence: Terre Haute, Ind, 19. Has the male contracting partybeen an inmate of any county asylum or home for indigent persons withinthe last five years? no, 20. If so[...], 21. Is this his first marriage?yes

Application for Marriage License - Female, Application is hereby made for a license for the marriage of Orbie Hudson to Rushton N. Rowe, upon the following statement of fact relative to said parties: 1. The full christian and surname of the woman is: Orbie Hudson, 2. Color: White, 3. Where born: Illinois, 4. When born: April - 17 - 189... 
Family F1001
161 Smith/Adams Marriage license .pdf, noted 5 June 2004
Marriage Record - Vigo County, pg. 245, Application for Marriage License - Male
Application is hereby made for a license for the marriage of Ray C. Smith to Gertrude Tessa Adams upon the following statement of fact relative to said parties:
1. The full christian and surname of the man is: Ray C. Smith, 2. Color: White, 3. Where born Cloverland Ind, 4. When born: November - 18 - 1888, 5. Present residence: Camp West Point Ky, 6. Present o
ccupation: Soldier, 7. If no occupation[...] 8. Is the male contracting party of nearer blood kin to the female contracting party than second cousin? no, 9. Full christian and surname of father:
O. Perry Smith, 10. His color: white, 11. His birthplace: Indiana, 12. His occupation: crossing watchman, 13. His residence: Terre Haute Ind, 14. Full christian and surname of mother: Rosina Hudson, 1
5. Her color: white, 16. Her occupation: 17. Her birthplace: Hancock Co. Ind, 18. Her residence:
deceased, 19. Has the make contracting party been an inmate of any county asylum or home for indigent persons within the last five years? no, 20. If so[...] 21. Is this his first marriage? yes

Application for Marriage License - Female: Application is hereby made for a license for the marriage of Gertrude Tessa Adams to Ray C. Smith upon the following statement of fact relative to said parti
es: 1. The full christian and surname of the woman is: Gertrude Tessa Adams, 2. Color: White, 3. Where born: Rosedale Ind, 4. When born: March 28 1891, 5. Present residence: 1511 ??? Ave Terre Haute
, 6. Present occupation: House keeper, 7. Full christian and surname of father: Samuel J. Adams, 8. His color: white, 9. His birthplace: Rosedale, Indiana, 10. His occupation: 11. His residence: decea
sed, 12. Full christian and surname of mother: Martha J. Adams, 13. Her color: white, 14. Her occupation: 15. Her birthplace: Rosedale Ind, 16. Her residence: deceased, 17. Has the female contractin
g party been an inmate of any county asylum or home for indigent persons within the last five years? no, 18. Is this her first marriage? yes

State of Indiana, Vigo County, ss: I, the undersigned Minister do hereby certify that Ray C. Smith and Gertrude Tessa Adams were legally joined together as husband and wife on the 10 th day of July 19
18 by me. Edward L. Pettus 
Family F757
162 11thArtillery Battalion, Georgiac
CHAMBLISS, Stephanus, GA 11th Artillery Battalion, Company B, withbrothers Jesse C., John A., Joseph, Wiley and William

Sumter ArtilleryRoster, noted 24 May 2004, Company A and Company B, 11th BattalionGeorgia Volunteer Artillery, Americus, Ga: CHAMBLISS, Stephanus - Pvt., -enlisted 10 Sept 61 Americus. Died 26 Apr 62 of pneumonia near LebanonChurch, Va. Born Jones Co., Ca. 
Chambliss, Stephanus (I5260)
163 Foxmarriages in Missouri, noted 24 March 2005, HOGAN, H. H. m. FOX,Nannie J. 25 Jan 1871 Lafayette MO. Fox, Nancy J. "Nannie" (I11249)
164 Boone Co., AR Federal Land Records transcription, noted 14 September 2004, CAPPS John 30 20N/19W 80 1900/03/26. Capps, John (I2804)
165 Spink County, South Dakota land records, Names "A", noted 30 August 2004, ANDERSON Clark 05/118N/061W/011 16
0 acres 272002 PA 3884 09/13/1889. 
Anderson, Clark (I377)
166 Spink County, South Dakota land records, Names "A", noted 30 August 2004, ANDERSON Frisbe 05/119N/064W/028 1
60 272002 PA 4022 11/13/1884.
BLM: ANDERSON, Frisbe SD Spink Co. 11/13/1884 Montana State Office 4022 SDMTAA 142978, Frisbe ANDERSON, State: South Dakota, Acres: 160, Metes/Bounds: No, Issue Date: 11/13/1884, Land Office: Montan
a State Office, Cancelled: No, U.S. Reservations: No, Mineral Reservations: No, Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566), Document Nr.: 4022, Accession/Serial Nr.: SDMTAA 142978, BLM S
erial Nr.: SDMTAA 142978. 
Anderson, Frisbe (I72)
167 Bear Creek Twp., Brooklyn Town, noted 29 August 2004
Brooklyn Town, 5 June 1895 by Jas W BallantynePg. 41, line 7 X/X ANDERSON Clarissa 60 F W W Illinois N/N Keeping House [Religion] M.E., line 8 X/X ANDERSON Eddie 28 M W M Illinois N/N Painter [Religio
n] M.E. [Mil] X [Vote] X, ANDERSON Mary 25 F W M Iowa, Pow. N/N [Religion] M.E., ANDERSON Clark 6 M W S Iowa, Pow. N/N [Religion] M.E., ANDERSON Cifford 5 M W S Iowa, Pow. N/N [Religion] M.E. 
Ball, Clarissa (I73)
168 Bear Creek Twp, C? Dunlap, May 1, 1895, 10 5 52/56, MELDREN James 47 MW M Canada F/F Farmer Brothern, Mary 47 FW M Mich N/N Brothern, Robt. 11 M W S Iowa, Pow F/N Brothern Hall, Mary Angeline "Angeline" (I10450)
169 Jasper County, IA Probate Index, letter H, noted 4 October 2004, HOLDSWORTH, William Box 10 (1917-1919).

Weaver, James B., ed., The Past and Present of Jasper County,(Indianapolis, IN: B.F. Bowen Co., 1912), pg. 1043

It is a well-authenticated fact that success is the result of legitimateand well-applied energy, unflagging determination and perseverance in acourse of action when once decided upon. She is never known to smile uponthe idler or dreamer and she never courts the loafer, and only the menwho have diligently sought her favor are crowned with her blessings. Intracing the history of the wide-awake implement dealer of Sully, JasperCounty, whose name forms the introduction to this biographical review, itis plainly seen that the prosperity which he enjoys has been won bycommendable qualities and it is also his personal worth that has gainedfor him the high esteem of those who know him.

William H. Holdsworth was born in Scott County, Iowa, March 23, 1858, theson of William and Hannah (Rolls) Holdsworth, the father born in Irelandand the mother in Pennsylvania. The elder Holdsworth was a stonecontractor by trade. He grew up and was educated in Ireland, from whichcountry he emigrated to America when a young man and he began working inthe quarries, soon becoming a contractor and he got out stone forarsenals, bridges and various important jobs and became very wellestablished in the new world. He was a member of the Episcopal Church.His death occurred in 1903. His family consisted of nine children, namedas follows: John, Samuel, Joseph, Robert, Thomas, Mary, Jane, Charlesand William H. of this sketch, he being the oldest child.

William H. Holdsworth grew up in Scott County, Iowa, and attended schoolthere, and when but a boy began working on a farm as a hand, then rentedland for himself, but not taking any too kindly to the life of ahusbandman, he left the farm and went to Oskaloosa and ran a bus line forsix years, then, having gotten a good start, he came to Jasper County in1891 and rented land for three or four years, then he went into theimplement business at Lynnville with W. J. Breeden and they built up agood trade. In 1899, Mr. Holdsworth sold out and came to Sully andstarted in an implement store, which, with his son, Charles Oscar, hestill runs. He started on a small scale, but by judicious management andhonest dealings his business rapidly increased until he bought a largebuilding, in connection with which he put in a garage and he handles astandard line of automobiles in connection with a large, general andwell-selected stock of farming implements. His trade embraces a largeterritory and is ever widening. He is one of the leading merchants andbusinessmen in the southeastern part of the County.

Mr. Holdsworth has taken much interest in public affairs and he has heldall the Township offices and the offices in the town of Sully, alwaysdischarging his duties in a manner that reflected much credit uponhimself and to the entire satisfaction of the people. He was mayor ofSully for eight years, during which time he did much for the permanentgood of the vicinity. Politically, he is a Democrat, and is a leader inlocal affairs.

Mr. Holdsworth was married in September 1878, to Emma Kent, who was bornin Ohio, from which state she came to Poweshiek County, Iowa, when verysmall and there she grew to womanhood and was educated. Three childrenhave been born to this union, Mrs. Effie May Horn, Charles Oscar and Edna. 
Holdsworth, William H. (I249)
170 Probate Index - S, noted 13 September 2004, SHILL, Charles T. Box 11 (1918-1922). Shill, Charles T. (I138)
171 Probate Index - S, noted 13 September 2004, SHILL, Dulin Box 5 (1905-1908).

Tara, Paul came over this morning and he and James and I went to the
graveyard and these are the results. Didn't have any trouble finding
it, it is near Rock Creek and I have hunted all around the graveyard
in the past and Paul knows the Hickory Grove church well because his
ex-wife is a member of the church and they almost got married there.
Anyway here goes.

William Shill (W.R. Shill)
1827-1895 68 yrs. old
Emily J. Shill
1837-1887 50 yrs. and 9mths.
Dulin S. Shill
Nov.2, 1861-Sept.1. 1906
Della E. Shill
Dec. 22, 1869-1939
D&D Shill
1year-27days old
Floyd V. Shill
Shill, Dulin Spencer (I89)
172 Probate Index - S, noted 13 September 2004, SHILL, Jacob F. Box 3 (1901-1904). Shill, Jacob Fisher (I144)
173 Biography of Thomas Y. Boston, (Pictorial andGenealogical Record of Greene County, Missouri, Together withBibliographies of Prominent Men of Other Portions of the State, BothLiving and Dead, Chicago: Goodspeed Brothers, 1893, Pg. 103-104,noted 27 May 2004)

Thomas Y. BOSTON.

In tracing back the ancestors of the Boston family, the great grandfatherof Thomas Y. Boston is supposed to have been born in Germany and upon hisarrival on American Shores settled in Virginia where his son, James EwellBoston, the grandfather of Thomas Y., was born, reared and married. Hebecame one of the pioneers of Greene County, Ky., and there spent theremainder of his days in tilling the soil and fighting the Indians andthe British in the War of 1812, in which he took a prominent part. Hisson, James Boston, was born in Virginia, prior to their removal westward,and on Blue Grass soil he received his rearing and such education ascould be had at that day, which was by no means of the best. He wasmarried there to Miss Biddy Slinker, who was also born in the OldDominion and was taken by her parents to Kentucky when she was a child.After their marriage they resided for some time in Greene County, afterwhich they moved to Hart County and from there came by wagon to GreeneCounty, Mo., in 1856, locating on a small partially-improved farm one andone-half miles west of Cave Springs, where they spent the rest of theirlives. Mr. Boston died in 1887 and Mrs. Boston in 1871, both having forsome time been members in good standing of the Christian Church. Mr.Boston was a life-long farmer and being industrious and intelligent, heaccumulated a comfortable competency, amply sufficient to meet all therequirements of himself and family.

He was a Republican in politics, but was quite conservative in his views.The maternal grandfather of the subject of this sketch, ChristopherSlinker, died in Metcalf County, Ky., in 1876, having been a farmer andmechanic by occupation. He was of English descent and he and his wife,who also died in Kentucky, became the parents of five children: Murphy,who died in Hart County, Ky.; Lemuel, who also died there; Biddy (Mrs.Boston); Amaryllis, wife of Edmund Galloway; Fannie, who died inKentucky. Mr. Thomas Y. Boston received such education and rearing asusually falls to the lot of the youth reared on a pioneer farm. Duringthe warm months his days were spent in falling timber and in general farmwork, but at the age of seventeen years, in 1853, his birth havingoccurred in Hart County, Ky., June 24, 1836, he left home to make his ownway in the world and went to Clinton County, Mo., where he spent threeyears working on a farm. In 1857 he returned to Greene County and beganfarming in Cass Township, and here, in 1861, he married Nancy, daughterof William and Matilda Killingsworth, who were natives of North Carolinaand Tennessee, respectively. The father was taken by his parents toTennessee in his youth, where he lived until 1839, when be came by oxteam with his family to Greene County, Mo., being nearly two months onthe road. He located on what is now Section 1, Boone Township, thecountry at that time being rough prairie land, and here he made a finefarm on which he contentedly spent the rest of his days, dying in 1866,and his widow in 1886, both having been members of the Baptist Church ofmany years standing. Mr. Killingsworth was at one time sheriff of MonroeCounty, Tenn.

James McClure, the father of Mrs. Killingsworth, came to Polk County,Mo., from Tennessee in 1839, and here died prior to the Civil War. To Mr.and Mrs. Killingsworth a family of twelve children were given: James, afarmer of the county; Margaret Ann, the deceased wife of WilliamHamilton; William A. John (deceased); Mary, widow of Hughey Gilmore, ofDade County; Alfred, of Texas; Bennett, of this county; Nancy (Mrs.Boston); Robert, of this county; Oliver, also a farmer of Greene County,and two children that died in infancy. Mr. Thomas Y. Boston lived on theold home farm until 1864 when he removed to his present farm, purchasing240 acres, which he has succeeded in increasing to 1,247 acres, but hasgiven considerable to his children, and now has 821 acres in differentfarms, all in Cass Township. He received a small inheritance from hisfather's estate, but the bulk of his property has been acquired throughhis own efforts. His land is some of the finest and most productive inthe county, and it is handsomely and substantially improved withexcellent buildings. He is a prominent member of Nicholas Lodge, No. 435of the A. F. & A. M. at Willard, and he and his wife have been members ofthe Cumberland Presbyterian Church for thirty years. Mr. Boston, is oneof the following children: Abner, who died young in Kentucky; Mary, wifeof Hayden Taylor, of Lebanon, Mo.; Reuben, of Oklahoma; William, ofOregon; Thomas Y.; Elizabeth, wife of S. P. Collins, of Cedar County;James, of Cedar County; Martha, who is the deceased wife of John Kime;Emily, wife of David Elam: George, of Oklahoma, and Sarah Ann, who diedin 1862.


http://thelibrary.springfield.missouri.org/lochist/records/d1918.htm,noted 27 May 2004
54547. Div 2. Final Decree 27 March 1918 Book 124 p 227. Trial by Court.Decree for Plaintiff. Desertion by Defendant. Plaintiff innocent andinjured party.

Last Name First Name T/R/Sec
Boston Brella 31/23/31
Boston T. Y. 31/23/27, 29, 32, 33
Boston T. Y. 30/23/5, 8 
Boston, Thomas Yuell (I11802)
174 Online Birth Record, noted 21 August 2004, WHEELDON Clayton Marcullus 05-01-1898 06-03-1942 595173 Male born in Edmunds County to RICHARDSON Anna and WHEELDON John Wheeldon, Clayton Marcullus (I1468)
175 Twenty-seventh Regiment Arkansas Infantry, (old) Company C, noted 14 September 2004, CAPPS, Richard (Richard Reuben Capps) Private Enlisted at Bellefonte, Arkansas, February 15, 1862; age 18; transferred to Co. D, August 1, 1862; absent without leave, February 28, 1863 [served with brother William].


27th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry
Capps, G.W. Co. B,E, Sergeant/Corporal
Capps, Richard Co. C,D, Private/Private
Capps, William F. Co. C,D, Private/Private

2nd Regiment, Missouri Light Artillery
Woody, Alexander Co. B, Private/Private
Baughman, John, Private/Private
Capps, Richard C. Co. K,H, Private/Private
Capps, Richard R. Co. H,K, Private/Private
Capps, Wm. F. Co. K F, Private/Private
Capps, James A. Co. H, Private/Private
Capps, Wm. P. Co. H, Private/Private 
Capps, Richard Ruben (I2786)
176 1782 Halifax County, Virginia Personal Property TaxList, transcribed by Jeffrey C. Weaver, August 2, 1998, noted 21October 2004
Tithes Negros Horse Mules Cattle
Jones, Daniel 1 - 2 0 6
Jones, Richard 1 - 1 - 6
Jones, William 1 - 1 - 4
Jones, Rubin 1 - 3 - 10
Jones, Robert 1 9 3 - 30
Jones, Richard 1 5 5 - 22
Jones, Richard, Jr. 1 1 3 - 6
Jones, Joseph 1 20 12 - 63
Jones, Joseph 1 6 3 - 2
Jones, Stephen 1 - 1 - 6
Jones, John 1 1 3 - 7
Jones, Margaret - - 2 - -
Jones, George 1 - 2 - 3
Jones, Reuben 1 - 2 - 9
Jones, Richard 1 10 6 - 19
Jones, David 1 - 2 - 8 
Jones, Elizabeth (I6560)
177 The Neosho Times, Thursday, November 15, 1917, noted 9 October 2004, Neosho, Missouri Route One Items: Mrs. A.I. WADE and son of Enid, Okla., visited Guy BOYD and other relatives along Route one. Boyd, Dollie Ann (I6130)
178 BentonCo., AR cemeteries, noted 6 July 2004,


From: "gc-gateway@rootsweb.com"
Subject: [AMOS] Isom Amos
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 19:06:11 -0000

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It has been a long time since you posted your inquiry. I just saw it today. I, too, am looking for information on Isom Amos Family for my husband.
What I have from the 1860 US Census - Praire, Caroll County, Arkansas, Isom Amos, age 29, Wife Cyntha Amos, Age 25 (I have found her maiden name is Selby), 2 children Hezekiah, Age 6 and Mary Ann, age 10 months.
In the 1870 US Census, Benton, Newton County Missouri they are listed as Isom,39, Cyntha,35, Hezekiah, 16, Mary Ann, 14, Rebecca,11, Isom JR,8, James,5 John,2 and Benjamin,2 months
Ine the 1880 US Census, Neosho, Newton County, Missouri they are listed as Isom,49, Cynthia,43, Isom JR 17, James,5,John,12
Hezekiah is listed as his own "Head of Household", age 26, and wife Nancy L, age 26.
This Hezekiah is who we believe to be my husband's grandfather. He and Nancy had 4 sons, Clinton,Luther,Clarence & Gus.
He died when my father-in-law (who was born 1889) was only 4 years old and he never knew any of his father's family. My father-in-law was raised in the Neosho, Mo area.
Would be interested in any information that we could share.
Donna Amos 
Amos, Clarence Lee Grant (I9475)
179 Bear CreekTwp. biographies, noted 29 August 2004, from Standard Atlas ofPoweshiek County; Geo. A. Ogle & Co. Publishers & Engravers Chicago1896 and reprinted in 1982 by the Poweshiek County Historical &Genealogical Society, Montezuma, Iowa 50171
Transcribed by Lisa Johnson

ANDERSON, D.- Bear Creek Twp - pg 821. Physician, Brooklyn. Was born inWynette, Bureau county, Illinois, December 11, 1853; was there raised andattended the common schools until the age of fourteen years, when hisfather (F. Anderson), who was a farmer, came to Brooklyn with his family.In June 1875, our subject entered the drug store of Sterling & Talbott asclerk, and remained there eight months; after which he went to Mt.Pleasant and attended the Iowa Wesleyan University for two years,graduating as pharmaceutical chemist June 19, 1877. While attending theUniversity he made a study of medicine, Drs. J. and C.D. Conaway, ofBrooklyn, being his instructors. After his return to Brooklyn he studiedin their office for nine months, after which he took a course at theEclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, graduating June 3, 1879. July 7,1879, he opened an office in Brooklyn, and has pursued the practice ofhis profession since with a considerable degree of success. Although buta young practitioner, he has attained a successful record, and isrecognized by the leading members of the profession throughout the county. 
Anderson, Dr. Daniel (I363)
180 Simon T. Mathew, noted 27 September 2004, "JOHN M., born in 1815, in Franklin county, Ohio, married in Sangamon county to Mrs. Sarah Crowder, whose maiden name was Woozley. They had five children in Sangamon county. JAMES H., born Oct. 13, 1838, married March 28, 1860, to Sally A. Handlin. They have two children, EVERETT S. and JENNIE M., and live in Springfield. SIMON T., married Mary A. Clayton. They have three children, ETTA E., LUTHER F. and CHARLES CARROLL, and reside in Ball township, Sangamon county, Ill. SUSAN ANN, born August 29, 1844, married Marcus D. Clayton, See his name. WILLIAM O. married Mary E. Lamb, have two children, IDA MAY and FANNIE A., and live four miles north of Pawnee, Illinois. LEONARD S., married Sept. 24, 1874, to Alice Galloway. Mrs. Sarah Matthew died, and John M. Matthew married Mary A. Scott. They have five children, FANNIE, JOHN M., Jun., LAURA, LUCY and JOSEPHINE, and reside in Ball township, three and a half miles southeast of Chatham, Illinois." Mathew, John M. (I9064)
181 RiversideCemetery, Mangum, Greer County, Oklahoma
latitude 345146N longitude 0993025W section 35 - township 5N - range 22W,inventory by Peggy Bielich , Janell Adams, Jeannie Gullion, August 2001:
Cox, Dave J., Sep 14, 1901 - June 13, 1982 S18 R11
Cox, Ella L., Aug 15, 1899 - Nov 6, 1997 w/o D.J. m. Nov 25, 1922 S18 R11
Cox, Walter A., Dec 20, 1879 - Nov 18, 1936 S18 R12
Cox, Lizzie W., Feb 4, 1881 - Aug 11, 1865 S18 R12
Cox, Nettie Lee, Mar 10, 1917 - Apr 22, 1924 S18 R12
Cox, Ernest M., Jan 24, 1922 - June 19, 1922 S18 R12 
Taylor, Ella L. (I12633)
182 CockeCounty [Tennessee] Funeral Home Records, noted 9 March 2005
ETHERTON, Dennis, b. July 24, 1928 in N.C., Father: Etherton, ThomasRichard, Mother: Francis, Mary E., d. July 4, 1983, Cemetery: Faubion,[No Spouse or Children listed], Brothers: Guy, Abe, Jim, Hunley, Dewey,Sisters: Mrs. Enice Gowen, Mrs. Pauline Stephens, Mrs. Grace Caldwell,Mrs. Wilma Keller, Mrs. June Gonnell, Mrs. Christine Harrison

KELLER, Wilma Jean, b. Sept 14, 1936 in N.C., Father: Etherton, Thomas inCocke Co., Mother: Francis, Mary Elizabeth in Cocke Co., d. March 15,1987, Spouse: Keller, Edgar Henry, Children: Eddie, Mrs. Debra Williams,Cemetery: Fairview, Nc, Brothers: Hunley, Jim, Dewey Lee, Sisters: Mrs.Pauline Stephens, Mrs. June Gosnell, Mrs. Christine Harrison, Mrs. EniceGowan, Mrs. Grace Caldwell 
Francis, Mary Elizabeth (I11084)
183 WPA History ofCumberland Shed, Polk County, Tennessee, noted 4 April 2005

In late 1860 John Coffee Williamson recorded in his diary that he had attended two camp meetings, one at Cookson's Creek, and the other at the Cumberland Shed. He reported that Father Elias Gibson preached at Old Fort a very long sermon, and concluded, "I never in all my life seen such a meeting before. All of the women shouted, many of the little girls and boys got religion, which they will beyond a doubt keep until they get home." 
Gibson, Elias (I3460)
184 Will of David Brown,noted 1 October 2004, Greene County, TN Wills, David Brown Sr.- May 1st1843
Posted by Bill Holder on Sun, 31 Jan 1999
Will of David Brown Sr. --- May 1st 1843 p.422
State of Tennessee, Greene County:
I David Brown, Sr. of the County of Greene, and the state of aforesaid,being of sound mind and memory, aged about seventy years of age, do makeand publish this as my last will and testament, hereby revoking andmaking void all other wills by me at anytime made.
1. I give my soul to God, who gave it.
2. I direct that my funeral expenses, and all my just debt, be paid assoon after my death as possible, out of any moneys that I may diepossessed of, or may first come into the hands of my executors.
3. I give unto my beloved wife her bedsteads, and beds and covers, thatnow belong to them, one cased clock.
4. And it is my will that my wife shall remain on my place where I nowreside, if she chooses to stay, and have a good support yearly, while sheremains my widow of my place. And if she does not remain my widow, myexecutors is not to pay her anymore support, and if she does not stay onmy place, she must have yearly 15 bushels of corn, one hundred weight ofpork, yearly, while she remains my widow.
5. I now leave in the hands of my executors all my lands left to JosephBrown, and David Brown, Jr., and if Joseph Brown and David Brown Jr.,does settle on my place, and does well, and pays Sylvanus Brown onehorse, least worth sixty fine dollars in trade, also Joseph Brown andDavid Brown Jr. is to pay all my just debts. Each one of the two boys isto pay equally in twelve months, and if they do not settle my debts intwelve month, my executor is to settle my debts, and pay Joseph Brown andDavid Brown Jr. one horse beast a piece worth sixty five dollars each intrade, and Joseph Brown, and David Brown Jr., and Sylvanus Brown no moreis to have, no more of my estate
6. Give unto my son, Jothem Brown, two dollars in trade, if he applies intwelve months, and if not, to remain in the hands of my executor, and nomore of my estate.
7. Give unto my daughter Polly Tompson, two dollars in trade, if heapplies in twelve months, and if not, to remain in the hands of myexecutor, and no more of my estate.
8. Give unto my son John's two heirs, and I know their names not, twodollars in trade, if he applies in twelve months, and if not, to remainin the hands of my executor, and no more of my estate.
9. I Give unto my daughter Marthy, one burro, and the reason why she haswaited on me more than the rest.
10. I want all my household and kitchen furniture, and farming utensils,and all my furnishable property, to be sold and equally divided aftergiving twelve months credit, by giving bound and security, my threedaughters, namely Marthy Brown, Pheby Tucker, Nancy Holder.
11. As for William Brown, my son, he claims none of my estate.

William ( X ) Brown
12. lastley to the end, I do hereby nominate, and appoint William Brownmy executor in witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal.

15th day of January 1845
David ( X )Brown Sr.
Lemuel Jones
Richardson ( X ) Price 
Brown, David (I4446)
185 AreathaAnderson Succumbs Friday; Services Today .pdf, noted 13 September 2004

Monday, April 18, 1966, Mrs. Areatha A Anderson, 73? of 703 Main Street,wife of Clark Anderson, died suddenly Friday morning at her home.

Funeral services were held this afternoon (Monday) from the Smith FuneralHome with the Rev. John Pannkuk, pastor of Trinity Lutheran church,officiating. Organ music was provided by Mrs. Rhea Auman.

Pallbearers were Albert Deppe, Dale Deppe, Ernest Deppe, Gerald Deppe,David Springer and George Wilson. Burial was in Hazelwood cemetery.

Born north of Kellogg on Dec. 15th, 1892, she was the daughter of Dulinand Della Wiess Shill. She was married on Feb. 19th, 1916 to ClarkAnderson in Newton.

To this union were born eight children: Mrs. Harley (Margaret) Walker ofNewton; Miss Lucille Anderson of Oskaloosa; William Anderson and RobertAnderson, both of Newton; Wilber Anderson, Harold Anderson and EdgarAnderson, all of Grinnell; and Everett Anderson of Tama.

Mr. and Mrs. Anderson had lived in Grinnell since 1947. They hadrecently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

She was a member of St. John's Lutheran church.

Preceding her in death were her parents, one grandchild, one brother, andtwo sisters in infancy.

Survivors include her husband, Clark; her eight children; 27grandchildren; two brothers, Ray Shill of Missoula, Mont., and FloydShill of Newton; and two sisters, Mrs. Herman (Gladys) Deppe of Kelloggand Mrs. Elsie Deppe of Kellogg.

* * * * *

In Memory of Mrs. Areatha A. Anderson
funeral program

wife of Clark Anderson
Date of Birth: December 15, 1892 Near Kellogg, Iowa
Date of Death: April 15, 1966 Grinnell, Iowa
Services: 2:00 P.M. Monday, April 18, 1966
Smith Funeral Home, Grinnell, Iowa
Clergyman: The Rec. John Pannkuk, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church,Malcom, Iowa
Organist: Mrs. Rhee Auman
Pallbearers: Albert Deppe, Dale Deppe, Ernest Deppe, Gerald Deppe, DavidSpringer, George Wilson
Internment: Hazelwood Cemetery, Grinnell, Iowa. 
Shill, Areatha Alice (I2)
186 History of Warrick, Spencer and Perry Counties, Indiana , ClayTownship, Biography of James J. Painter, (Goodspeed Bros. & Co., 1885, noted 1 November2004)

James J. PAINTER, an enterprising farmer of Clay Township, is a native ofJefferson County, Ind., born January 5, 1838. He is the oldest son ofIsaac and Mary A. Painter, both of whom were natives of Kentucky. Thefather, who was a farmer, came to Indiana when a young man. In 1857 helocated in Spencer County, where he has since lived. James J. Painterreceived a common school education, making his home with his parentsuntil of age. November 21, 1858, he married Lyda J. Grigsby, after whichhe rented a farm for two years. In 1860 he bought forty acres of land,which he worked for two years. He then sold this and bought a one-halfinterest in a saw-mill in Grass Township, which he owned only a shorttime. After owning a farm in Hammond Township a few months, he sold hisproperty and bought fifty-five acres in Section 19, Clay Township, wherehe now resides. He has since added forty acres to this. June 15, 1877,Mrs. Painter died, leaving a family of four children: Mary E., Lucy A.(now Mrs. Thomas Strassell), Sarah B., and Ella F. September 25, 1878,Mr. Painter was married to Eliza J. Shackleford. Himself, wife and threedaughters are members of the Missionary Baptist Church. 
Painter, James J. (I1619)
187 Jasper County Cemeteries, Carthage, MO: S.W. Missouri Genealogy Society, 1982. Volume 10: Carterville Cemetery: Lot #82 1st addition Section 2A Mary Belle SNYDER 15 Apr 1867 - 25 Apr 1941.

>From: "janna stern"
>To: "Tara Painter"
>Subject: Re: Bell Gilbreath
>Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:52:55 -0800
>I just saw my Dad and he said the Gilbreaths were owners or managers ofthe
>Atlas Mining Co in Jasper Mo. Tennesse Ozark Scott's dad had some kindof
>interest in the Company as well either the land or part of the businessso
>it seems natural that Snyder would meet Belle through relatives.

m. Lionel Otho CANNON
Marriage: 01 JUL 1897, Carthage, Jasper, Missouri 
Gilbreath, Mary Belle "Belle" (I6553)
188 Southern Arkansas Biographical and Historical Memoirs, Chapter 24,Nevada County, pg. 568

Christopher C. Hamby, attorney, Prescott, Ark.
The subject of this sketch has been so prominently
indentified with the interests of Nevada County
as to render him well and favorably known, whose
integrity and honesty of purpose is unquestioned.
He owes his nativity to Calhoun County, Miss.,
a son of Thomas J. and Nancy (Byars) Hamby,
the former of whom died in 1874, and the latter,
December, 1870. They were the parents of five
children - two sons and three daughters. Two
daughters died in infancy, and the other died Oc-
tober 9, 1889. One son, Thomas R., was a promi-
lawyer of Little Rock, and died in 1885. The
subject of this sketch attended school a few months
before the war, but his education was somewhat
limited as he had to shift for himself from boy-
hood. His father was in the Rebel army, and C.

C., being the eldest son (then eleven years of age)
did the plowing, while his mother and little brother
did the hoeing necessary to make a corn crop each
year during the last three years of the war. After
the war he attended the neighborhood school for
awhile, and at the age of nineteen years, he left
the parental roof, by permission of parents, and
was employed as a brakeman on a freight train on
the Mississippi Central Railroad, at a salary of $60
per month, until he had saved enough money to
enable him to attend school. He came to Arkansas
in the fall of 1872, and made a crop with his
uncle, Micajah Hamby, near Booneville, in Logan
County, where he attended school during the win-
ter of 1873-1874. In the spring of 1874 he went
to Calhoun County, Ark., and engaged in teach-
ing school at Salem for three years, during which
time he borrowed law books of Bearden & Bunn,
at Camden, Ark., and studied law at night. He
was admitted to the bar at Camden in May, 1876.
In the year 1876-77 he taught school at Edin-
burg, and in October, 1878, he opened a law
office, at Prescott, Ark., practicing alone until the
fall of 1879, when he formed a partnership with
J.M. Montgomery, which continued until January
1, 1886, in teh fall of which year he removed to
Texarkana. His wife died a few weeks later, and
in the fall of 1887 he returned to Prescott, and has
ever since been prominently identified with the af-
fairs of the place. He is the present Senator of
Hempstead and Nevada Counties, being the first
Democrat elected to the Senate from this district
sicne 1880, of which fact he has a right to feel
proud. He takes an active interest in Masonry,
beign the present master of the lodge, and high
priest of the Chapter in Prescott. He is a member
of Du Greselin Commandery No. 2, of Camden,
Ark., and is grand orator for the present year of the
Grand Lodge, F. & A.M., of Arkansas. He was
admitted to practice in the State Supreme Court,
October 10, 1881, and now has an extensive prac-
tice in both the Federal and State Courts. He is
a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church,
South. Mr. Hamby has been married three times:
First, November 25, 1875, to Miss Emma Frazier,
who died in March, 1876. He next married Miss
Bell Blake, in February, 1881, who died in 1886,
and he then married Miss Bettie Wells, in Septem-
ber 1887. Mr. Hamby has a nice family of in-
teresting children, and is making ample provisions
for their thorough education.

Christopher Columber Hamby
by Jack Hamby

Christopher Columbus Hamby, son of Thomas Jefferson Hamby and ElizabethByars was born near Pittsboro, Calhoun County, Mississippi on 24 Sept1851 and died at his home just outside the city of Prescott, NevadaCounty, Arkansas on 31 Jan 1921.

C. C. Hamby attended common schools and one term of grammer school andworked on his father's farm until he secured a position as brakeman forthe old Mississippi Central Railroad in the fall of 1871. He moved toArkansas in the fall of 1872 and worked on the farm of his uncle MicajahHamby near Booneville, Logan Co., and during the winder to 1873-1874attended high school at Booneville. He moved to Millville, OuachitaCounty in the spring of 1874 and taught school two years during whichtime he studied law at nights and Saturdays using books borrowed from thefirm of Bunn and Bearden of Camden, Arkansas. He was admitted to practicelaw at Camden in May 1876 after standing for examination in OachitaCircuit Court. On 2 Nov 1876, he married Emily Frazier on her 15thbirthday. Emily died without issue on 30 Mar 1877. From 1876 to 1878, C.C. taught school at New Edinburgh, Cleveland County, Arkansas.

In October of 1878 he moved to Prescott and entered actively upon thepractice of law. His first office building was the third floor of a threestory frame building situated on lot 7 block 20 railroad survey ofPrescott at the corner of West First North and Main streets. On 11 Dec1878, he was enrolled as attorney in Nevada Circuit Court, Judge James K.Young presiding. During 1879 and 1880, he and Eugene E. White werepartners in the real estate business and several years later formed apartnership for the practice of law. His second law office was on WestFirst Street South on the southwest half of lot 8 block 21 of therailroad survey of Prescott. On 29 Jan 1879, he was appointed NotaryPublic by Governor W. R. Miller. Capt. Joe R. White and Brad Scott signedhis official bond as sureties. In 1881, he was admitted to practicebefore the Arkansas Supreme Court and the Federal Courts.

On 6 Feb 1881, he married Esabella Caroline Blake. One child, RandolphPeden Hamby, was born on 24 Sept 1886. Randolph P. Hamby is responsiblefor most of the information presented in this sketch.

On 1 Dec 1886, the C. C. Hamby family moved to Texarkana where he enteredthe practice of law with Judge E. F. Friedell. On 28 Dec 1886, his secondwife died of pneumonia and C. C. returned to Prescott and resumed thepractice of law there.

On 14 Sept 1887, he married Bettie Hulda Wells to which the followingchildren were born:

1.Irma Lee Hamby b. 9 Feb 1889
2.Leonard Christopher Hamby b. 24 June 1891, d. 14 Oct 1918
3.Helen Hamby b. 23 Sept 1893, d. 9 Mar 1898
4.Wells Byars Hamby b. 18 Jan 1896, d. Apr 1977
5.Sarah Ann Hamby b. 9 Apr 1900, d. 17 Oct 1924

In 1877 Mr. Hamby joined the First Methodist Church at Prescott. In 1890he was elected State Senator from the 20th district composed of Hempsteadand Nevada counties, defeating Dr. C. M. Norwood, a populist. Mr. Hambywas a Democrat and served in the 28th state legislature in 1891 and the29th in 1893. At the close of the 1891 session of the legistlature he waselected hold-over president of the senate. During Governor James P.Eagle's illness in 1892, he served 4 months as governor of Arkansas.During the 1893 session he was chairman of the Judiciary Committee of thesenate.

In April 1900 Mr. Hamby was elected city alderman from the first ward,having previously held the same office in 1882. He resigned in December1900 and moved to his new jome just outside the city at the end of EastElm Street.

In 1904 he was unanimously elected Permanent Chairman of the DemocraticState Convention which me in Hot Springs.

In 1907 he was appointed assistant general attorney for the St. Louis,Iron Mountain and Southern Railway Co. and represented that company until1910 in Nevada, Clark, Hempstead, Miller, Pike, Howard and Montgomerycounties.

On 4 June 1917, he was admitted to practice before the supreme court ofthe United States at Washington, D.C. on the recommendation of UnitedStates Senator Joe. T. Robinson. In 1918 he edited, published andcopyrighted a law treatise entitled "Appeal and Error."

On numerous occasions he was elected special Judge of the courts ofNevada, Clark, Hempstead and Pike counties. While a member of the statesenate, he introduced and secured passage of the act creating the Courtof Common Pleas for Nevada County.

He was a member of Prescott Lodge No. 80 of the Free and Accepted Masons,Ezra Council No. 45 Royal and Select Masters, Prescott Chapter No. 38Royal Arch Masons, Ascalon Commandery Knights Templar No 22 all ofPrescott, Arkansas and of Arkansas Consistory No. 1 A & A Scottish RiteMasons of the Vally of Little Rock, Arkansas. He served at differenttimes as a member of standing committees of the Arkansas Grand Lodge F &AM. At the 1889 Masonic Grand Lodge, he was elected Grand Orator of theGrand Lodge and at its 1890 communication delivered the Grand Oration atLittle Rock. He served as Worshipful Master of Prescott Lodge No. 80 in1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1895, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905, and1906.

He was one of the original stockholders, and served as president forseveral years, of the Citizens Bank of Prescott. He was a member of theBoard of Trustees of the University of Arkansas for 12 years. He servedas a member of the Prescott school board for 15 years, 12 years of whichhe was president of the board. In 1898, he took an active part in theorganization of the Prescott Water and Light Improvement District and atdifferent times was City Attorney of Prescott.

While C. C. Hamby was a civil lawyer of no mean ability, he wasrecognized throughout southwest Arkansas as a criminal lawyer with fewequals and no superiors. On one occasion, a man came into his office andasked C. C. what he would do if he found another man carrying on with hiswife. Without looking up from the papers he was reading, C. C. replied,"I would kill him." C. C. represented the man in trial. When thepresecutor asked him if he had killed his wife, the man said yes, Mr.Hamby.... At which time C. C. told him to shut up and not say anotherword. He did get the man off. Another time, a black man was in jail forstealing a pig. The man asked the jailer about a lawyer. The jailer toldhim that if he was innocent, any lawyer would do but if he was guilty heneeded to see C. C. Hamby. After mulling this over a bit, the man askedhow he could get hold of Mr. Hamby.

Most of the Hambys of this family are buied in DeAnn Cemetery justoutside Prescott, Arkansas. 
Hamby, Thomas Jefferson (I4627)
189 The 1878 History of Jasper County, Iowa
Rock Creek Twp.
noted 31 October 2004
Containing a history of the county, its cities, towns. A biographical directory of its citizens. Published: Chicago, Western Historical, 1878: SHILL, W. R.; Farmer; Sec. 6; P. O. Kellogg.

Probate Index - S
noted 13 September 2004, Shill, William R. Box 2 (1896-1898). 
Shill, William Roth (I130)
190 says:
Note: Fixed antique clocks, watches, adding machines etc..
Note: Card shark, of sorts...knew lots of tricks.
Note: Black sheep of the family, but a family favorite none the less.
Note: Died of diabetes and heart disease.
Note: No children. 
Cox, Thomas Wilmer (I11749)

ID: I102
Surname: TAYLOR
Sex: M
Birth: 1833 in ,,ALABAMA
Death: 1909 in ,BOONE,ARKANSAS
IDNO: 20
Change Date: 22 JUL 1999 at 18:07:23

Father: GEORGE E. TAYLOR b: 1805 in VA.
Mother: SARAH ***** b: 16 JAN 1799 in VA.

Marriage 1 SAMANTHA ELIZABETH **** b: 1843 in ,,MO.

448. Taylor, Samantha Elizabeth - 1843 - 1902
451. Taylor, Thomas Hubbard - 1833 - 1909 
Taylor, Thomas (I3146)
Sent : Monday, March 24, 2003 9:24 PM
To : tara3498@hotmail.com
Subject : Rose Triplett Patten

Gail..found this one today!

Rose E. Patten, 98, of Grinnell died Monday, March 27, at FriendshipManor Care Centre in Grinnell.
Funeral services were conducted Thursday at the Nevenhoven Funeral Homein Brooklyn, with the Rev. John Epperson, pastor of the GrinnellChristian Church, officiating. Organist was Marilyn Kriegel, and casketbearers were Gregory, Kenneth and Nathan Behounek; Larry Brannian;Charles Durr and Craig Lundstad-Vogt. Burial was in Brooklyn MemorialCemetery.
The daughter of Monsuier and Florence Hess Triplett, she was born April8, 1901, on a farm near Brooklyn. She received her education in a ruralschool in Madison Township and was a graduate of Brooklyn High School.
She was married to Paul Patten Feb. 2, 1921, in Newton. They farmed inMadison Township until 1953, then moved to Grinnell. Mrs. Patten became aresident of Friendship Manor in 1994.
Surviving are two daughters, Viola Behounek of Chelsea and Gail Vogt ofGrinnell; nine grandchildren; 23 great-grandchildren; 17great-great-grandchildren; and one sister, Eva Lang of Glendale, Calif.
She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband and one daughter,Pauline Brannian McElroy.
A memorial fund has been established.
Source: Grinnell Herald, April 3, 2000

(Note: newspaper spelled Monsieur incorrectly. And look at thesurvivors..a sister with surname LANG and a daughter who preceded herwith a surname of McELROY..now how weird is this...??) 
Hess, Florence (I470)
193 >From: "CARYN SHILL"
>To: tara7843498@hotmail.com
>Subject: Update on Rebecca Shill do/Lawrence Schill
>Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2004 08:24:34 -0500
>Hi Tara
>Last time I went to the Cemetery in Shelby Co. Ohio, I past a stone
>with a Kennedy Morton. I stopped and in the same plot was Rebecca
>Morton. Died Jan 14, 1895. 101 Yrs old. I pulled the death record
>for Rebecca Morton and her maiden name was Schell. Born Hagerstown
>MD. It did not list her parents. Going through the census records
>It shows her parents as born in MD and PA. This matches all our
>records. She is also living near Joseph Shill and Elizabeth, their
>mother. If you read the will of Joseph Shill, her brother, it list
>a Kennedy Morton and her name was not totally readable. She is
>buried next to a Washington Morton who died April 17, 1849.
>Kennedy Morton 1816 Died December 5, 1906.
>Do you have a death certificate for Jacob Shill, her brother? I
>have been trying to find any of the death records for that
>generation. Rebecca was the first death record I found, but no
>official certificate. I know where Elizabeth and Mary are buried
>but haven't been able to find a death record for them. No record
>for Joseph and Henry so far. Cannot find anything on Lawrence.
>Found an old photo of Henry and his wife Eliza. Found all but two
>of the 10 children. Have photos of Charles, Benjamin, Andrew and
>Talk to ya later
>Caryn Shill Ayscue 
Shill, Rebecca (I161)
194 >From: "Eric Mark"
>To: T.K. Painter
>Subject: Re: Ross family
>Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 21:12:40 +0000
>Great to hear from you. Walter was my great uncle (my grandmother's
>brother) Here is what I have on Vanda:
>Born - July 7, 1897
>Married - July 18, 1922
>Died - August 1, 1971
>Walter Forrest Ross Jr.
>Lowell Eugene Ross
>Doris Leona Ross
>David Myrle Ross
>Wesley Earl Ross
>Marvin Floyd Ross
>Your story of how the divorce happened is very interesting. I hadn't
>heard that, but I suppose I wouldn't being from this side of the
>family. That's what is really interesting. She would have 25 when
>they married. Don't know what's wrong with that.
>Anyway, hope this matches up with what you have. Any more good
>gossip? Pictures that you'd be intrested in sharing?
>Hope all is well.
>>From: "Tara Painter"
>>Subject: Re: Ross family
>>Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 09:03:57 +0000
>>Dear Eric,
>>I'm afraid everything I have is online.
>>My connection to the Rosses is through my husband's grandfather
>>Andrew Painter - his twin sister Vanda Painter married Walter
>>Forrest Ross, Wesley and Lucretia's son.
>>I'd love to chat further, though i imagine you have more
>>information than I do since all I have is Vanda and Walter's
>>The family story is that Vanda lied about her age to Walter and
>>that Andrew's wife didn't know that and mentioned her and Andrew's
>>age in front of Walter and Walter got mad and divorced Vanda.
>>I have no idea if that is true, though the divorce seems to be,
>>since Vanda was living with some Painter relatives when she died.
>>Hope all is well,
>>Tara Painter
>>>From: "Eric Mark"
>>>To: T.K. Painter
>>>Subject: Ross family
>>>Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 23:26:16 +0000
>>>Hi Tara.
>>>I found your information regarding Wesley Rankin Ross and
>>>Lucrectia Phifer at ancestry.com.
>>>Wesley and Lucrecy were my great-grandparents. Are you related? Do
>>>you have more information?
>>>I would really like touch bases. Please e-mail me .
>>>Looking forward to hearing from you. 
Ross, Walter Forrest (I1299)
195 >From: "Joseph D. LaRue"
>CC: "Joseph Dean LaRue"
>Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:13:59 -0600
>Hello TK Painter,
>I have researched my LARUE for years and never gotten past myg-g-grandfather ISOM LARUE 1815-1876 until recently.
>I recently discovered information that links him as a descendant ofSAMUEL LARUE b. 1772 and ELIZABETH FISHER of Green County, KY. Theymarried in Botetourt County, VA in 1792 and relocated to Green County,KY. I do not have all the names of their children yet.
>While surfing the web, I came across your Taylor Genealogy that listedmarriages of SLINKER.
>22. Lewis3 Slinker (John Charles2, Christopher1) was born Abt. 1792 inVirginia (Source: 1860 Metcalfe Co., KY Census.). He married CeniaSlinker 06 April 1811 in Green County, Kentucky (Source: (1) GreenCounty, Kentucky marriages, SLINKER, Lewis to SLINKER, Leeny/Cenia, 6 Apr1811. Consent: Lewis Slinker & Samuel Larue.). She was born Abt. 1794 inVirginia (Source: 1860 Metcalfe Co., KY Census.).
>This CENIA SLINKER appears to be a LARUE that first married SLINKER,then a second marriage to a SLINKER. See the consent to the marriage byLewis Slinker and SAMUEL LARUE.
>Can you help me with any LARUE info or direct me to any researcher thatmight have SLINKER-LARUE data.
>Thank you very much.
>Joseph LaRue 
Slinker, Mercena "Cenia" (I11974)
196 >From: "McCroskey, Marilyn J"
>Subject: Molohon-Clayton Families, Sangamon Co., IL
>Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 23:16:49 -0500
>I am the great-great niece of someone you listed in Ancestry.com onMolohon-Clayton Families of Sangamon Co., IL, Euretta Tappana, wife ofIsom Amos. With other family members, I have been working on Tappanagenealogy information. Euretta was the oldest child of my Spanishimmigrant great-grandfather, Charles Edward Tappana (b. 1835 or 6, d.1906). Her younger brother Claude LeRoy Tappana was my grandfather.Charles Edward Tappana was married to Mary Melissa Sigler, who weunderstand was born in Sangamon County, IL, so we certainly found itinteresting that Euretta showed up in a list of families from thatcounty, since as far as we knew Charles Edward met his wife in CassCounty, Missouri.
>We have been wanting to locate any descendants of Aunt Euretta to seewhat information they may have about the origin of the Tappanas. We knowCharles Edward Tappana originally had a different surname in Spain, butchanged it in this country. We don't know what it was originally, thoughwe are pursuing one solid lead at this time through a Spanishgenealogist. We want to trace our ancestry back up the family tree, butcannot do this if we cannot discover the original name or otherinformation in generations before Charles Edward Tappana.
>We have copies of a few documents relating to Euretta and Isom Amos thatwe would be glad to send you if we had a mailing address. We alsorecently found an old picture of Drew Amos in some family photos.
>We would certainly appreciate any information you could provide. I amcopying this to my cousin, Dolores Marlena, who is building a Web sitewith Tappana genealogical information.
>Marilyn (Tappana) McCroskey
>Kathy Tappana 
Tappana, Euretta (I9076)
197 >From: "Tara Painter"
>Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 12:08 PM
>Subject: Re: George W. Capps
>Tara, thanks so much for letting me know about your site. I haven'treally
>checked it out thoroughly but did notice the Woody family. I copied out that part as it
>had so much good information. I saw that you did not have John D. Woody's wife's maiden
>name. This is the John D. Woody, son of John Woody and Nancy Burer. John D. Woody (orWooddy)
>married Catherine Eoff. The proof for this is from Catherine's father's
>will. Catherine was
>the daughter of Samuel Eoff and Azubah Knox. Her father's will namedher as
>Wooddy and his executor was John D. Wooddy. This will is availableon-line
>on the Eoff Family Genealogy Forum http://genforum.genealogy.com/eoff/
>There are four entries under the spelling Wooddy (not Woody) and one ofthem
>is Samuel Eoff's
>will which was entered by Pauline Pierce. So, if you type in Wooddy inthe
>name search, you
>should find it. If you have the 1850 census for Boone Co. Arkansas youwill
>see that John D.
>Wooddy and Catherine are living next door to Samuel and Azubah Eoff, her
>parents. The name
>Samuel has been written over some other name on the census and is not
>entirely clear, but it is
>Well, I am going back to your site to see what else I can find.
>Shirley M. Eoff
Eoff, Catherine (I3386)
198 >From: "Tara Painter"
>Sent: Friday, May 09, 2003 12:08 PM
>Subject: Re: George W. Capps
>Tara, thanks so much for letting me know about your site. I haven'treally
>checked it out thoroughly but did notice the Woody family. I copied out that part as it
>had so much good information. I saw that you did not have John D. Woody's wife's maiden
>name. This is the John D. Woody, son of John Woody and Nancy Burer. John D. Woody (orWooddy)
>married Catherine Eoff. The proof for this is from Catherine's father's
>will. Catherine was
>the daughter of Samuel Eoff and Azubah Knox. Her father's will namedher as
>Wooddy and his executor was John D. Wooddy. This will is availableon-line
>on the Eoff Family Genealogy Forum http://genforum.genealogy.com/eoff/
>There are four entries under the spelling Wooddy (not Woody) and one ofthem
>is Samuel Eoff's
>will which was entered by Pauline Pierce. So, if you type in Wooddy inthe
>name search, you
>should find it. If you have the 1850 census for Boone Co. Arkansas youwill
>see that John D.
>Wooddy and Catherine are living next door to Samuel and Azubah Eoff, her
>parents. The name
>Samuel has been written over some other name on the census and is not
>entirely clear, but it is
>Well, I am going back to your site to see what else I can find.
>Shirley M. Eoff
Knox, Azubah (I6700)
199 A few questions: Jack Hamby comes from the Edmon line, he seems to thinkthat Edmons father is William + Rachel, William being the son of Isaac +Ellenor who are in the 1790 census with 3 men over 16, 3 men under 16and 3 females. Recently Jack has added that he thinks Micajah is abrother to Edmon and Levy. Do you have any assumptions to who Micajah'sparents are? Or have you ruled out some already so that we don'tduplicate work already done.

Trish Frederick

AL Land Records
Edmund Montgomery 2508 04-08-1837 23 N 25 E 1940.0750
Edmund Montgomery 4932 04-15-1837 23N 25E 1940.0710
Micajah Montgomery 8532 07-01-1845 22N 23E 480.35
Micajah Montgomery 8535 07-01-1845 22N 23E 480.35
Green Montgomery 9579 06-01-1849 23N 25E 540.1125
Thomas Montgomery 11284 10-01-1851 22N 24E 739.595 
Hamby, William (I4978)
200 A genealogical history of the Ficklin family.
by Walter Homan Ficklin
(Denver: The W.H. Kistler Press, 1912)
pg. 48
on GoogleBooks as of 23 Nov 2011

28. Daniel Ficklen (I), son of Benjamin (I), was bor n in Stafford county, Virginia, 26 March, 1 766, emigrated to Fleming county, Kentucky, at an early age. 27 March, 1794, he married Delilah Leonard, daughter of Noble Leonard. Daniel Ficklen died 19 September, 1844. His wife died 19 April, 1851. Their old Bible, containing much information concerning his descendants, is in the possession of Mrs. Leila M. Ficklen, of Memphis. To this union eleven children were born:

Note: Data concerning Daniel Ficklen and descendants has been taken from the old Bible and from a booklet entitled "Excerpta from the Genealogies of the Dorsey. Anderson, Ficklen, and Miller Families," compiled by Achsah Van Dyke Miller-Taylor, of Louisville, Ky., and Florence Griffith-Miller, of Asheville, N. C, and also from letters written by Mrs. Leila M. Ficklen, of Memphis, and Wm. T. Ficklen, of Paris, Ky. 
Ficklin, Daniel (I5070)

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