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Montgomery County, Missouri



Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Cobb, Prentiss  27 May 1862Montgomery County, Missouri I1319 Our Genealogy 
2 Gliser, John Michael "Mike"  6 Jul 1879Montgomery County, Missouri I1199 Our Genealogy 
3 Gliser, Mary Lucetta "Lulu"  1 Nov 1871Montgomery County, Missouri I1186 Our Genealogy 
4 Gliser, Minnie Alice  Oct 1885Montgomery County, Missouri I1202 Our Genealogy 
5 Gliser, Rudolph Francis "Rudy"  28 Feb 1888Montgomery County, Missouri I1203 Our Genealogy 
6 Glizer, Albert Ezekiel  19 Feb 1883Montgomery County, Missouri I1201 Our Genealogy 
7 Hudson, Albert  Abt 1879Montgomery County, Missouri I1604 Our Genealogy 
8 Hudson, Bertha Marie  14 Apr 1896Montgomery County, Missouri I1443 Our Genealogy 
9 Hudson, Bessie Irene  16 Apr 1891Montgomery County, Missouri I1546 Our Genealogy 
10 Hudson, Clara Emily  21 Nov 1885Montgomery County, Missouri I1544 Our Genealogy 
11 Hudson, Clarence Edward  21 Nov 1885Montgomery County, Missouri I1543 Our Genealogy 
12 Hudson, Edith Leigh  30 Sep 1893Montgomery County, Missouri I1383 Our Genealogy 
13 Hudson, Ethel Mae  17 Jul 1899Montgomery County, Missouri I1310 Our Genealogy 
14 Hudson, Mary Jane  17 Nov 1883Montgomery County, Missouri I1542 Our Genealogy 
15 Hudson, Sarah Elizabeth "Sadie"  27 May 1888Montgomery County, Missouri I1545 Our Genealogy 
16 Mahanes, George Frances  5 Nov 1901Montgomery County, Missouri I1563 Our Genealogy 
17 Mahanes, Jewell Verlen  4 Oct 1907Montgomery County, Missouri I1521 Our Genealogy 
18 Mahanes, Martha A.  16 Nov 1889Montgomery County, Missouri I1504 Our Genealogy 
19 Mahanes, Paul Washington  5 Jun 1899Montgomery County, Missouri I1564 Our Genealogy 
20 Moseley, Blanche M.  31 Mar 1893Montgomery County, Missouri I2129 Our Genealogy 
21 Moseley, Byron Guy  4 Mar 1887Montgomery County, Missouri I2349 Our Genealogy 
22 Moseley, Edgar  Abt 1872Montgomery County, Missouri I2250 Our Genealogy 
23 Moseley, Guerrant  Abt 1877Montgomery County, Missouri I2252 Our Genealogy 
24 Moseley, Lula  Abt 1868Montgomery County, Missouri I2249 Our Genealogy 
25 Moseley, Mary M.  Abt 1874Montgomery County, Missouri I2251 Our Genealogy 
26 Moseley, Nellie Viola  25 Mar 1889Montgomery County, Missouri I2350 Our Genealogy 
27 Moseley, Ollie Bell  Mar 1885Montgomery County, Missouri I2348 Our Genealogy 
28 Moseley, Sophia Etta  21 Nov 1891Montgomery County, Missouri I1566 Our Genealogy 
29 Moseley, Zula Virginia  26 Nov 1869Montgomery County, Missouri I2248 Our Genealogy 
30 Oliver, Della May  20 Sep 1889Montgomery County, Missouri I2131 Our Genealogy 
31 Oliver, Lawson Joseph  22 Aug 1897Montgomery County, Missouri I2133 Our Genealogy 
32 Oliver, Viola F.  12 Mar 1899Montgomery County, Missouri I2134 Our Genealogy 
33 Oliver, Wilson Herbert  22 Nov 1891Montgomery County, Missouri I2132 Our Genealogy 
34 Painter, Charles Lee "Charley"  11 Aug 1892Montgomery County, Missouri I1372 Our Genealogy 
35 Painter, Jess Oliver  23 May 1890Montgomery County, Missouri I1371 Our Genealogy 
36 Painter, Leslie E.  27 Dec 1887Montgomery County, Missouri I1391 Our Genealogy 
37 Painter, Minnie Susan  7 Aug 1884Montgomery County, Missouri I1392 Our Genealogy 
38 Painter, Olive Ellender  25 Dec 1886Montgomery County, Missouri I1459 Our Genealogy 
39 Painter, Ollie Frances "Fannie"  16 Dec 1863Montgomery County, Missouri I1271 Our Genealogy 
40 Painter, Ulysses Samuel Grant "Grant"  22 Sep 1869Montgomery County, Missouri I1272 Our Genealogy 
41 Painter, [Baby Boy]  1868Montgomery County, Missouri I1213 Our Genealogy 
42 Smith, Clyde Andrew  26 Nov 1878Montgomery County, Missouri I1487 Our Genealogy 
43 Thurman, Newton Windfield "Newt"  17 Oct 1870Montgomery County, Missouri I2444 Our Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Barton, Mary Elizabeth  23 Jul 1913Montgomery County, Missouri I1154 Our Genealogy 
2 Bernard, Frances Adaline  1868Montgomery County, Missouri I1461 Our Genealogy 
3 Cobb, Prentiss  3 Jan 1883Montgomery County, Missouri I1319 Our Genealogy 
4 Gliser, Heinrich Christian "Henry"  13 Mar 1891Montgomery County, Missouri I1185 Our Genealogy 
5 Gliser, Mary Lucetta "Lulu"  15 Sep 1912Montgomery County, Missouri I1186 Our Genealogy 
6 Gliser, Rudolph Francis "Rudy"  27 Dec 1895Montgomery County, Missouri I1203 Our Genealogy 
7 Grigsby, Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Oct 1880Montgomery County, Missouri I1276 Our Genealogy 
8 Harrell, Martha Luticia  14 Feb 1940Montgomery County, Missouri I2648 Our Genealogy 
9 Hudson, Clara Emily  Bef 1900Montgomery County, Missouri I1544 Our Genealogy 
10 Hudson, George W.  23 Dec 1888Montgomery County, Missouri I1859 Our Genealogy 
11 Hudson, Mary Jane  5 Nov 1940Montgomery County, Missouri I1542 Our Genealogy 
12 Jones, James William  5 Mar 1940Montgomery County, Missouri I2647 Our Genealogy 
13 McCafferty, Missouri Alice "Alice"  15 Oct 1914Montgomery County, Missouri I1674 Our Genealogy 
14 McCafferty, Olly  Jan 1890Montgomery County, Missouri I1265 Our Genealogy 
15 Moseley, Sophia Etta  24 Jun 1914Montgomery County, Missouri I1566 Our Genealogy 
16 Moseley, Wilbur Lee  11 Feb 1921Montgomery County, Missouri I1565 Our Genealogy 
17 Oliver, Isaac W.  15 May 1913Montgomery County, Missouri I12757 Our Genealogy 
18 Oliver, Joseph James  3 Nov 1939Montgomery County, Missouri I1274 Our Genealogy 
19 Painter, Ezekiel "Zeke"  16 Mar 1886Montgomery County, Missouri I1264 Our Genealogy 
20 Painter, Richard Ezekiel "Dick"  1876Montgomery County, Missouri I1268 Our Genealogy 
21 Painter, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Feb 1911Montgomery County, Missouri I1266 Our Genealogy 
22 Painter, [Baby Boy]  1868Montgomery County, Missouri I1213 Our Genealogy 
23 Smith, Frederick Peter "Fred"  18 Mar 1912Montgomery County, Missouri I1254 Our Genealogy 
24 Smith, Ruth Emily  9 Feb 1929Montgomery County, Missouri I1317 Our Genealogy 
25 Walton, Mary  21 Jan 1927Montgomery County, Missouri I4458 Our Genealogy 
26 Wenneker, Frederick W.  13 Mar 1904Montgomery County, Missouri I1747 Our Genealogy 
27 [McCafferty], Ollie  22 Feb 1902Montgomery County, Missouri I2353 Our Genealogy 

1880 Census

Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lorton, Bradley Lafayette  Montgomery County, Missouri I1327 Our Genealogy 
2 McCafferty, David B. "Dave"  Montgomery County, Missouri I1855 Our Genealogy 
3 Painter, Henrietta  Montgomery County, Missouri I1270 Our Genealogy 
4 Painter, Margaret Ann "Maggie"  Montgomery County, Missouri I1269 Our Genealogy 
5 Painter, Sarah Elizabeth  Montgomery County, Missouri I1266 Our Genealogy 

Draft Registration

Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coil, John Howard  Montgomery County, Missouri I2414 Our Genealogy 
2 Gliser, Henry Christian  Montgomery County, Missouri I1200 Our Genealogy 
3 Gliser, John Michael "Mike"  Montgomery County, Missouri I1199 Our Genealogy 
4 Gliser, William Everett "Willie"  Montgomery County, Missouri I1198 Our Genealogy 
5 Glizer, Albert Ezekiel  Montgomery County, Missouri I1201 Our Genealogy 
6 Hudson, Clarence Edward  Montgomery County, Missouri I1543 Our Genealogy 
7 Hudson, Frank E.  Montgomery County, Missouri I2074 Our Genealogy 
8 Jones, James Willard  Montgomery County, Missouri I2417 Our Genealogy 
9 Luckett, Albert Loyed  Montgomery County, Missouri I2649 Our Genealogy 
10 Mahanes, Paul Washington  Montgomery County, Missouri I1564 Our Genealogy 
11 Moseley, Wilbur Lee  Montgomery County, Missouri I1565 Our Genealogy 
12 Oliver, Lawson Joseph  Montgomery County, Missouri I2133 Our Genealogy 
13 Oliver, Wilson Herbert  Montgomery County, Missouri I2132 Our Genealogy 
14 Thompson, Charles Benjamin "Ben"  Montgomery County, Missouri I2650 Our Genealogy 
15 Thompson, Elliott Charley  Montgomery County, Missouri I2730 Our Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Gliser / Painter  25 Dec 1870Montgomery County, Missouri F494 Our Genealogy 
2 Mahanes / Painter  25 Dec 1888Montgomery County, Missouri F523 Our Genealogy 
3 Moseley / Bush  20 Dec 1866Montgomery County, Missouri F562 Our Genealogy 
4 Moseley / Painter  22 Feb 1881Montgomery County, Missouri F558 Our Genealogy 
5 Oliver / Gliser  18 Apr 1915Montgomery County, Missouri F508 Our Genealogy 
6 Oliver / Painter  21 Nov 1888Montgomery County, Missouri F559 Our Genealogy 
7 Wenneker / Painter  22 Oct 1913Montgomery County, Missouri F497 Our Genealogy 
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