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Sangamon County, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clark, Anna B.  Abt 1857Sangamon County, Illinois I9672 Our Genealogy 
2 Clark, Charles W.  Abt 1860Sangamon County, Illinois I9673 Our Genealogy 
3 Clayton, Ada May  Abt 1867Sangamon County, Illinois I9139 Our Genealogy 
4 Clayton, Amanda E.  Abt 1856Sangamon County, Illinois I9130 Our Genealogy 
5 Clayton, Charles Amos  1862Sangamon County, Illinois I9144 Our Genealogy 
6 Clayton, Della Mae  18 Apr 1875Sangamon County, Illinois I2873 Our Genealogy 
7 Clayton, Emma A.  May 1859Sangamon County, Illinois I9132 Our Genealogy 
8 Clayton, Floyd Alexander  Mar 1888Sangamon County, Illinois I9175 Our Genealogy 
9 Clayton, Fred  Oct 1891Sangamon County, Illinois I9177 Our Genealogy 
10 Clayton, Gilbert  Abt 1854Sangamon County, Illinois I9129 Our Genealogy 
11 Clayton, Harry J.  Mar 1890Sangamon County, Illinois I9176 Our Genealogy 
12 Clayton, Jacob Bunn  6 Nov 1872Sangamon County, Illinois I9141 Our Genealogy 
13 Clayton, Jesse Elmer  13 Feb 1880Sangamon County, Illinois I9288 Our Genealogy 
14 Clayton, John L.  15 Jul 1851Sangamon County, Illinois I9123 Our Genealogy 
15 Clayton, Leslie Earl  26 Jun 1882Sangamon County, Illinois I9325 Our Genealogy 
16 Clayton, Margaret Marietta "Marietta"  Abt 1846Sangamon County, Illinois I9122 Our Genealogy 
17 Clayton, Martha Elzira  Abt 1838Sangamon County, Illinois I9120 Our Genealogy 
18 Clayton, Mary A.  Abt 1871Sangamon County, Illinois I9140 Our Genealogy 
19 Clayton, Mary Adelaide "Adelaide"  Jun 1841Sangamon County, Illinois I9121 Our Genealogy 
20 Clayton, Mary Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  Abt 1877Sangamon County, Illinois I9033 Our Genealogy 
21 Clayton, Melissa J. "Lissie"  Aug 1863Sangamon County, Illinois I9138 Our Genealogy 
22 Clayton, Metta H.  Oct 1886Sangamon County, Illinois I9326 Our Genealogy 
23 Clayton, Nettie Florence  25 Oct 1871Sangamon County, Illinois I9045 Our Genealogy 
24 Clayton, Perleasy  Abt 1858Sangamon County, Illinois I9131 Our Genealogy 
25 Clayton, Ruth Jane  Abt 1852Sangamon County, Illinois I9128 Our Genealogy 
26 Clayton, Sarah Elizabeth "Elizabeth"  Nov 1864Sangamon County, Illinois I9145 Our Genealogy 
27 Clayton, Shelton L.  Dec 1861Sangamon County, Illinois I9133 Our Genealogy 
28 Clayton, Thomas Edgar  26 Aug 1869Sangamon County, Illinois I9147 Our Genealogy 
29 Clayton, Zaza Columbus  19 Nov 1877Sangamon County, Illinois I9285 Our Genealogy 
30 Deboe, Anna Jane  7 Sep 1858Sangamon County, Illinois I9318 Our Genealogy 
31 Gatton, Thomas Alex "Alex"  18 Oct 1893Sangamon County, Illinois I9391 Our Genealogy 
32 Jones, Harry J.  Nov 1891Sangamon County, Illinois I9422 Our Genealogy 
33 Laird, Nicholas Evert  8 Feb 1883Sangamon County, Illinois I9420 Our Genealogy 
34 Lamb, Charles Arthur  5 Sep 1874Sangamon County, Illinois I9069 Our Genealogy 
35 Lamb, George G.  16 Aug 1845Sangamon County, Illinois I9124 Our Genealogy 
36 Lard, Cynthia Louise  Jan 1874Sangamon County, Illinois I9416 Our Genealogy 
37 Lard, Electa Alice "Alice"  Sep 1865Sangamon County, Illinois I9229 Our Genealogy 
38 Lard, James J.  Sep 1869Sangamon County, Illinois I9228 Our Genealogy 
39 Lard, John H.  Apr 1863Sangamon County, Illinois I9109 Our Genealogy 
40 Lard, John Robert  Jan 1882Sangamon County, Illinois I9421 Our Genealogy 
41 Lard, Martha Ann  Abt 1843Sangamon County, Illinois I9191 Our Genealogy 
42 Lard, Philemon S.  Abt 1873Sangamon County, Illinois I9415 Our Genealogy 
43 Lard, Samuel Madison  21 Sep 1876Sangamon County, Illinois I9417 Our Genealogy 
44 Lewis, Alfred  Abt 1860Sangamon County, Illinois I9852 Our Genealogy 
45 Lewis, Sarah  Abt 1862Sangamon County, Illinois I9853 Our Genealogy 
46 Mathew, Charles Carroll  20 Aug 1872Sangamon County, Illinois I9065 Our Genealogy 
47 Mathew, Minerva May "May"  26 Sep 1886Sangamon County, Illinois I9188 Our Genealogy 
48 Mathew, Simon Thomas "Thomas"  5 Nov 1840Sangamon County, Illinois I9125 Our Genealogy 
49 Mathew, Susan Ann  29 Aug 1844Sangamon County, Illinois I9143 Our Genealogy 
50 McAtee, Benjamin F. "Ben"  3 Mar 1838Sangamon County, Illinois I9046 Our Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Boll, Mary Elizabeth  7 Nov 1950Sangamon County, Illinois I9182 Our Genealogy 
2 Brawner, Joseph E.  BET. 1891 - 1900Sangamon County, Illinois I9016 Our Genealogy 
3 Clayton, Elizabeth E. "Betsy"  1878Sangamon County, Illinois I9113 Our Genealogy 
4 Clayton, John S.  7 Sep 1861Sangamon County, Illinois I9112 Our Genealogy 
5 Clayton, Thomas Edgar  3 Oct 1893Sangamon County, Illinois I9147 Our Genealogy 
6 Crowder, Jemima Jane  3 Apr 1855Sangamon County, Illinois I9189 Our Genealogy 
7 Deboe, Mary Bell  29 Dec 1927Sangamon County, Illinois I9237 Our Genealogy 
8 Kelly, Elizabeth  9 Feb 1843Sangamon County, Illinois I9201 Our Genealogy 
9 Lard, Joab J.  8 Sep 1884Sangamon County, Illinois I9192 Our Genealogy 
10 Lard, John  16 Nov 1845Sangamon County, Illinois I9190 Our Genealogy 
11 Marshall, Mary Augusta  Jul 1861Sangamon County, Illinois I9134 Our Genealogy 
12 McAtee, Eugene Carroll "Gene"  4 Nov 1950Sangamon County, Illinois I9040 Our Genealogy 
13 McAtee, Smith  19 May 1851Sangamon County, Illinois I9152 Our Genealogy 
14 Molohon, Chester  Bef 1900Sangamon County, Illinois I6415 Our Genealogy 
15 Molohon, Grace  Bef 1900Sangamon County, Illinois I6414 Our Genealogy 
16 Molohon, Nettie  20 Nov 1882Sangamon County, Illinois I6412 Our Genealogy 
17 Molohon, Susan  1906Sangamon County, Illinois I9088 Our Genealogy 
18 Patterson, Juniati  24 Mar 1870Sangamon County, Illinois I9111 Our Genealogy 
19 Peerce, Mary  10 Mar 1869Sangamon County, Illinois I9086 Our Genealogy 
20 Rape, Indiana Tennessee  9 Mar 1847Sangamon County, Illinois I9153 Our Genealogy 
21 Runyon, Mary  6 Apr 1864Sangamon County, Illinois I9459 Our Genealogy 
22 Thornberry, Elizabeth Ellen  3 Aug 1895Sangamon County, Illinois I9093 Our Genealogy 

1830 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1830 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Slinker, Frederick  Sangamon County, Illinois I12811 Our Genealogy 

1840 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1840 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Slinker, Frederick  Sangamon County, Illinois I12811 Our Genealogy 

1850 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1850 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clayton, John C.  Sangamon County, Illinois I9114 Our Genealogy 
2 Elliott, Thomas J.  15 Aug 1850Sangamon County, Illinois I9393 Our Genealogy 
3 Jones, Robert  Sangamon County, Illinois I9221 Our Genealogy 
4 Lamb, George D.  Sangamon County, Illinois I9199 Our Genealogy 
5 Lard, Josiah  15 Aug 1850Sangamon County, Illinois I9173 Our Genealogy 
6 McAtee, Smith  17 Oct 1850Sangamon County, Illinois I9152 Our Genealogy 
7 Penix, Thinton "Sadie" Jane  Sangamon County, Illinois I9137 Our Genealogy 
8 Slinker, Frederick  6 Nov 1850Sangamon County, Illinois I12811 Our Genealogy 
9 Smith, Colby  15 Aug 1850Sangamon County, Illinois I9677 Our Genealogy 
10 Smith, James H.  15 Aug 1850Sangamon County, Illinois I9035 Our Genealogy 
11 Smith, William S.  15 Aug 1850Sangamon County, Illinois I9142 Our Genealogy 

1860 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1860 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clayton, Marcus D.  Sangamon County, Illinois I9119 Our Genealogy 
2 Jones, Robert  Sangamon County, Illinois I9221 Our Genealogy 
3 Smith, Elizabeth E.  25 Jun 1860Sangamon County, Illinois I9183 Our Genealogy 

1870 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1870 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Stroud, James  Sangamon County, Illinois I9039 Our Genealogy 

1880 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clayton, Mary Adelaide "Adelaide"  Sangamon County, Illinois I9121 Our Genealogy 
2 Fry, Frances Melissa  Sangamon County, Illinois I9055 Our Genealogy 
3 Molohon, Charles  Sangamon County, Illinois I9091 Our Genealogy 
4 Stroud, James  Sangamon County, Illinois I9039 Our Genealogy 
5 Stroud, Mary J.  Sangamon County, Illinois I9412 Our Genealogy 

1900 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Molohon, Mary J. "Mollie"  16 Jun 1900Sangamon County, Illinois I9054 Our Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Biography    Person ID   Tree 
1 Laird, Dr. Florus Alva  1912Sangamon County, Illinois I9414 Our Genealogy 
2 Lard, Joab J.  1876Sangamon County, Illinois I9192 Our Genealogy 
3 Mathew, John M.  1876Sangamon County, Illinois I9064 Our Genealogy 

Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clayton, Jacob Bunn  Sangamon County, Illinois I9141 Our Genealogy 
2 Clayton, Jesse Elmer  Sangamon County, Illinois I9288 Our Genealogy 
3 Clayton, Leslie Earl  Sangamon County, Illinois I9325 Our Genealogy 
4 Clayton, Manford Ernest  Sangamon County, Illinois I9148 Our Genealogy 
5 Clayton, Zaza Columbus  Sangamon County, Illinois I9285 Our Genealogy 
6 Gatton, Thomas Alex "Alex"  Sangamon County, Illinois I9391 Our Genealogy 
7 Laird, Dr. Florus Alva  Sangamon County, Illinois I9414 Our Genealogy 
8 Lamb, Charles Arthur  Sangamon County, Illinois I9069 Our Genealogy 
9 Molohon, Charles Fry  Sangamon County, Illinois I9304 Our Genealogy 
10 Molohon, Noah  Sangamon County, Illinois I9331 Our Genealogy 
11 Molohon, Oscar William  Sangamon County, Illinois I9296 Our Genealogy 
12 Molohon, Stanley  Sangamon County, Illinois I9105 Our Genealogy 
13 Weaver, Charles Francis  Sangamon County, Illinois I9322 Our Genealogy 

Land Record

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Land Record    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lard, John  15 Oct 1835Sangamon County, Illinois I9190 Our Genealogy 
2 Lard, John  22 Oct 1835Sangamon County, Illinois I9190 Our Genealogy 
3 Lard, Josiah  3 Mar 1843Sangamon County, Illinois I9173 Our Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barnes / Triplett  22 Jul 1869Sangamon County, Illinois F189 Our Genealogy 
2 Berry / Durbin  31 Oct 1879Sangamon County, Illinois F4170 Our Genealogy 
3 Boll / Molohon  11 Oct 1867Sangamon County, Illinois F4025 Our Genealogy 
4 Brawner / Burtle  25 Dec 1889Sangamon County, Illinois F3984 Our Genealogy 
5 Burtle / Gatton  21 Nov 1831Sangamon County, Illinois F3986 Our Genealogy 
6 Burtle / Molohon  23 Feb 1881Sangamon County, Illinois F4012 Our Genealogy 
7 Burtle / Molohon  9 Aug 1882Sangamon County, Illinois F4011 Our Genealogy 
8 Burtle / Simpson  20 Nov 1856Sangamon County, Illinois F4046 Our Genealogy 
9 Burtle / Speake  10 May 1864Sangamon County, Illinois F3985 Our Genealogy 
10 Carver / Bromfield  6 Feb 1834Sangamon County, Illinois F3272 Our Genealogy 
11 Clark / Miller  25 Sep 1834Sangamon County, Illinois F5698 Our Genealogy 
12 Clark / Sampson  8 Jan 1838Sangamon County, Illinois F5383 Our Genealogy 
13 Clark / Smith  29 Jan 1856Sangamon County, Illinois F4096 Our Genealogy 
14 Clayton / Allen  28 Oct 1873Sangamon County, Illinois F3997 Our Genealogy 
15 Clayton / Curtis  25 Oct 1893Sangamon County, Illinois F4077 Our Genealogy 
16 Clayton / Deboe  1 Oct 1870Sangamon County, Illinois F3993 Our Genealogy 
17 Clayton / Dozier  7 Apr 1897Sangamon County, Illinois F4076 Our Genealogy 
18 Clayton / Gatton  6 Oct 1884Sangamon County, Illinois F4074 Our Genealogy 
19 Clayton / Lard  11 Aug 1886Sangamon County, Illinois F4069 Our Genealogy 
20 Clayton / Mandy  11 Jun 1839Sangamon County, Illinois F4172 Our Genealogy 
21 Clayton / Marshall  6 Feb 1853Sangamon County, Illinois F4059 Our Genealogy 
22 Clayton / Patterson  7 Jan 1869Sangamon County, Illinois F3992 Our Genealogy 
23 Clayton / Penix  19 Nov 1862Sangamon County, Illinois F4060 Our Genealogy 
24 Clayton / Scott  12 Nov 1850Sangamon County, Illinois F4058 Our Genealogy 
25 Colean / Babb  29 Mar 1877Sangamon County, Illinois F4114 Our Genealogy 
26 Crowder / Stroud  17 Aug 1864Sangamon County, Illinois F4311 Our Genealogy 
27 Curtin / Molohon  24 Sep 1874Sangamon County, Illinois F4037 Our Genealogy 
28 Deboe / Morgan  30 Jan 1873Sangamon County, Illinois F4126 Our Genealogy 
29 Deboe / Underwood  21 Sep 1887Sangamon County, Illinois F4158 Our Genealogy 
30 Drennan / Clayton  2 Mar 1893Sangamon County, Illinois F4075 Our Genealogy 
31 Drury / Molohon  28 Nov 1900Sangamon County, Illinois F4146 Our Genealogy 
32 Easley / Clayton  7 Feb 1856Sangamon County, Illinois F4064 Our Genealogy 
33 Elliott / Clayton  26 Dec 1867Sangamon County, Illinois F4067 Our Genealogy 
34 Fry / Lambert  4 Feb 1869Sangamon County, Illinois F4023 Our Genealogy 
35 Gatton / Durbin  13 Jan 1862Sangamon County, Illinois F4168 Our Genealogy 
36 Gatton / Molohon  10 May 1892Sangamon County, Illinois F4022 Our Genealogy 
37 Goff / Clark  30 Jul 1837Sangamon County, Illinois F5280 Our Genealogy 
38 Goodell / Sowell  1 Dec 1836Sangamon County, Illinois F5386 Our Genealogy 
39 Harper / Deboe  4 Oct 1865Sangamon County, Illinois F4125 Our Genealogy 
40 Jones / Lard  14 Feb 1888Sangamon County, Illinois F4115 Our Genealogy 
41 Knotts / Brauner  29 Jun 1843Sangamon County, Illinois F4119 Our Genealogy 
42 Knotts / Clayton  1 Aug 1888Sangamon County, Illinois F4071 Our Genealogy 
43 Laird / Colean  9 Feb 1898Sangamon County, Illinois F4113 Our Genealogy 
44 Lamb / Clayton  24 Feb 1869Sangamon County, Illinois F4036 Our Genealogy 
45 Lard / Crowder  22 Sep 1842Sangamon County, Illinois F4091 Our Genealogy 
46 Lard / McAtee  3 Feb 1885Sangamon County, Illinois F4051 Our Genealogy 
47 Lard / Stroud  4 Jan 1865Sangamon County, Illinois F4102 Our Genealogy 
48 Lewis / Mandy  15 Apr 1859Sangamon County, Illinois F4173 Our Genealogy 
49 Long / Smith  1 Oct 1861Sangamon County, Illinois F4242 Our Genealogy 
50 Marshall / Lard  15 Mar 1863Sangamon County, Illinois F4101 Our Genealogy 

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