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Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Clark "Shorty"  30 Jul 1888Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I1 Our Genealogy 
2 Anderson, Clifford Frisby "Cliff"  10 Dec 1890Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I60 Our Genealogy 
3 Anderson, Frank Alfred  31 Jul 1903Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I62 Our Genealogy 
4 Anderson, Mae Gertrude  14 Apr 1907Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I68 Our Genealogy 
5 Bracy, Nichol  Aug 1882Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I14057 Our Genealogy 
6 Combs, Clyde Willard "Willard"  28 Mar 1924Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10161 Our Genealogy 
7 Davidson, Floy E.  Abt 1844Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10866 Our Genealogy 
8 Hall, Clarence A.  3 Aug 1890Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10592 Our Genealogy 
9 Hall, Clifford Ray  5 Jul 1896Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I11152 Our Genealogy 
10 Hall, Earl J.  30 Mar 1897Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10591 Our Genealogy 
11 Hall, George William  24 Jul 1881Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10596 Our Genealogy 
12 Hall, Leonard Davidson  29 Jul 1886Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10588 Our Genealogy 
13 Hall, Russell C.  2 Mar 1894Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10590 Our Genealogy 
14 Jones, Ella Bernice  Abt 1878Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I822 Our Genealogy 
15 Kibbee, Mable Sarah  Abt 1883Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10461 Our Genealogy 
16 Kriegel, Charles B.  28 Nov 1937Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10853 Our Genealogy 
17 Kriegel, Norman  1933Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10856 Our Genealogy 
18 Lineweaver, Clara V.  Abt 1875Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I13415 Our Genealogy 
19 Newton, Alyce Albertine  23 Jul 1923Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10 Our Genealogy 
20 Newton, Bert Ray  30 Mar 1892Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10464 Our Genealogy 
21 Newton, Chester Joel  29 Apr 1906Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10462 Our Genealogy 
22 Newton, Cleo Delbert  10 Jan 1902Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10081 Our Genealogy 
23 Newton, Curtis Monroe "Curt"  1 May 1877Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10275 Our Genealogy 
24 Newton, Emery Alton Julius  31 Dec 1886Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10466 Our Genealogy 
25 Newton, Leo Wilbert  10 Jan 1902Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10057 Our Genealogy 
26 Newton, Sylvester E. "Toots"  7 Aug 1908Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10083 Our Genealogy 
27 Spaulding, Cordia E. "Cordie"  Jun 1879Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I8509 Our Genealogy 
28 Strong, Mary E.  Nov 1872Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I14068 Our Genealogy 
29 Triplett, Louis Ball "Lou"  14 Jun 1877Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I372 Our Genealogy 
30 Walford, Eva Belle  27 Jul 1901Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10630 Our Genealogy 
31 Warfel, John Allen "Jack"  24 Apr 1913Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10330 Our Genealogy 
32 Wheeler, May E.  Abt 1884Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I14569 Our Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Celia Ann “Cealy”  17 Aug 1921Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I230 Our Genealogy 
2 Ball, Vachel  6 Dec 1895Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I228 Our Genealogy 
3 Belland, Robert W.  27 Jan 1984Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10819 Our Genealogy 
4 Chvala, Minnie Marie  23 Dec 1994Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10846 Our Genealogy 
5 Hall, Elijah "Eliga"  20 Sep 1893Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10447 Our Genealogy 
6 Hall, Elizabeth  14 Jan 1909Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10480 Our Genealogy 
7 Hall, George William  4 Dec 1958Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10596 Our Genealogy 
8 Hall, Mary Angeline "Angeline"  1919Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10450 Our Genealogy 
9 Hamilton, Rosetta Jane  22 Jan 1899Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10448 Our Genealogy 
10 Hess, Peter J.  3 Nov 1923Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I802 Our Genealogy 
11 Kriegel, Norman  1933Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10856 Our Genealogy 
12 Lewis, Phoebe Ellen "Ellen"  25 Jan 1935Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I803 Our Genealogy 
13 Meldrem, James Richard  1 Dec 1914Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10667 Our Genealogy 
14 Newton, Clarence I.  13 Mar 1901Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10118 Our Genealogy 
15 Newton, Leo Wilbert  10 Jun 1949Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10057 Our Genealogy 
16 Newton, Mabel E.  16 Mar 1901Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10141 Our Genealogy 
17 Rhinehart, Walter B.  21 Jul 1962Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10644 Our Genealogy 
18 Rhinehart, Walter Raymond "Ray"  Dec 1982Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10084 Our Genealogy 
19 Robison, Lou Anna "Anna"  2 Feb 1943Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10147 Our Genealogy 
20 Swain, Mary Emma  23 Feb 1949Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10063 Our Genealogy 
21 Van Renterghem, Leona Marie  5 May 1991Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I13697 Our Genealogy 
22 Walford, Eva Belle  1 Aug 1988Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10630 Our Genealogy 
23 Werner, Mary S.  6 Jul 1962Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10772 Our Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Vachel  8 Dec 1895Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I228 Our Genealogy 
2 Hall, Francis Marion "Marion"  19 Feb 1925Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10453 Our Genealogy 
3 Young, Celia Belle  6 Jul 1917Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I11146 Our Genealogy 

1880 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1880 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Dr. Daniel  Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I363 Our Genealogy 
2 Anderson, Frisbe  18 Jun 1880Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I72 Our Genealogy 

1885 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1885 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ball, Grimes McGilliar  Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I396 Our Genealogy 

1900 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1900 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Newton, Amasa Deforrest "Amzy"  13 Jun 1900Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10220 Our Genealogy 

1910 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Newton, Alta Deforest "Altie"  26 Apr 1910Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10467 Our Genealogy 

1920 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1920 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Newton, Charles Izar "Charlie"  2 Jan 1920Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10123 Our Genealogy 
2 Newton, Robert Ervin "Erv"  5 Jan 1920Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10134 Our Genealogy 

1930 Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Keeney, Edgar Francis  11 Apr 1930Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10109 Our Genealogy 
2 Newton, Charles Izar "Charlie"  11 Apr 1930Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10123 Our Genealogy 
3 Robison, Lou Anna "Anna"  11 Apr 1930Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10147 Our Genealogy 

Last Residence

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Last Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Patten, John Edwin  Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10068 Our Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc.    Person ID   Tree 
1 Anderson, Edward "Ed"  BET. 1888 - 1909Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I65 Our Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID   Tree 
1 Block, Amelia Johanna  1926Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10365 Our Genealogy 
2 Hall, Andrew Jackson  27 Oct 1932Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10473 Our Genealogy 
3 Hall, George  Jan 1898Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10488 Our Genealogy 
4 Hall, Orange Freeman  Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10589 Our Genealogy 
5 Hamilton, Rosetta Jane  Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10448 Our Genealogy 
6 Smith, Della Mae  Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa I10067 Our Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Baird / Sackett  6 Oct 1885Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4638 Our Genealogy 
2 Block / Chvala  23 Sep 1925Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4748 Our Genealogy 
3 Block / Sackett  27 Aug 1902Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4366 Our Genealogy 
4 Bracy / Hulse  30 Mar 1880Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F9389 Our Genealogy 
5 Evans / Sackett  14 Sep 1881Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4617 Our Genealogy 
6 Ferneau / Carpenter  6 Aug 1919Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4443 Our Genealogy 
7 Gale / Anderson  21 Sep 1886Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F32 Our Genealogy 
8 Hall / Lytle  12 Sep 1879Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4682 Our Genealogy 
9 Hall / Murdock  8 Oct 1893Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4605 Our Genealogy 
10 Hall / Robertson  22 Mar 1898Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4765 Our Genealogy 
11 Hall / Young  25 Feb 1891Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4583 Our Genealogy 
12 Hoffman / Hall  1 May 1920Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4643 Our Genealogy 
13 Kann / Brush  23 Jul 1913Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4106 Our Genealogy 
14 Kann / Kohl  4 Oct 1916Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4103 Our Genealogy 
15 Kann / Mowrey  27 Dec 1880Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4596 Our Genealogy 
16 Kann / Wheeler  5 Feb 1890Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4104 Our Genealogy 
17 Keeney / Carpenter  6 Jun 1925Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4324 Our Genealogy 
18 Meldrem / York  15 Jan 1895Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4782 Our Genealogy 
19 Newton / Hulse  18 Jan 1899Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4440 Our Genealogy 
20 Newton / Kibbee  8 May 1901Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4391 Our Genealogy 
21 Newton / McConnell  1 Jun 1926Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4505 Our Genealogy 
22 Newton / Van Renterghem  8 May 1939Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F8428 Our Genealogy 
23 Otto / Kendall  6 Oct 1895Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F5041 Our Genealogy 
24 Overman / Hall  10 Sep 1902Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4607 Our Genealogy 
25 Patten / Morrison  4 Jul 1925Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4740 Our Genealogy 
26 Patten / Orr  4 Apr 1899Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4653 Our Genealogy 
27 Patten / Sackett  26 Dec 1888Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4383 Our Genealogy 
28 Pierce / Otto  29 Nov 1895Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F9393 Our Genealogy 
29 Rhinehart / Combs  22 Aug 1934Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4372 Our Genealogy 
30 Sackett / Campbell  25 Nov 1879Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4883 Our Genealogy 
31 Strong / Hall  13 Mar 1870Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F8499 Our Genealogy 
32 Tweedy / Ball  23 Sep 1891Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F437 Our Genealogy 
33 Warfel / Miles  1936Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4428 Our Genealogy 
34 Warfel / Newton  14 Nov 1912Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4503 Our Genealogy 
35 Woodle / Barber  16 Dec 1883Brooklyn, Poweshiek County, Iowa F4954 Our Genealogy 
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