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Probably Boone County, Arkansas



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baughman, Stockley S.  28 Jan 1885Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3241 Our Genealogy 
2 Baughman, Thomas F.  24 Sep 1886Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3242 Our Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baughman, Earl B.  8 Jul 1995Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3839 Our Genealogy 
2 Baughman, Elbert  25 Feb 1998Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3840 Our Genealogy 
3 Baughman, George Elzie  10 Feb 1989Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3838 Our Genealogy 
4 Baughman, Sarah Ann  8 Feb 1870Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3101 Our Genealogy 
5 Burrow, Massy  Aft 1860probably Boone County, Arkansas I2909 Our Genealogy 
6 Cantrell, Melissa F. "Ella"  8 Jun 1957Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3243 Our Genealogy 
7 Capps, Charles Webster  1955Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3420 Our Genealogy 
8 Capps, Erma Audra  19 Feb 1977probably Boone County, Arkansas I3138 Our Genealogy 
9 Capps, LaDoska E. "Dusky"  26 Dec 1957probably Boone County, Arkansas I3131 Our Genealogy 
10 Capps, Richard Ruben  5 Oct 1913probably Boone County, Arkansas I2786 Our Genealogy 
11 Capps, Sarah  25 Mar 1898probably Boone County, Arkansas I3129 Our Genealogy 
12 Carlton, Gertie Margaret  15 Jul 1963probably Boone County, Arkansas I3162 Our Genealogy 
13 Cox, Aner  13 Mar 1928Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3218 Our Genealogy 
14 Cox, Arrana Jane "Janie"  24 Aug 1953probably Boone County, Arkansas I2897 Our Genealogy 
15 Cox, Rev. Johnathan Ernest "Ernest"  14 Mar 1973Probably Boone County, Arkansas I2953 Our Genealogy 
16 Edwards, James Isaac  12 Oct 1952probably Boone County, Arkansas I2935 Our Genealogy 
17 Edwards, William E. M.  Bef 1900Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3312 Our Genealogy 
18 Flud, John Ben  19 Feb 1935probably Boone County, Arkansas I3153 Our Genealogy 
19 Goats, Bertha  17 Oct 1995Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3844 Our Genealogy 
20 Hankins, J. H.  May 1872Probably Boone County, Arkansas I2845 Our Genealogy 
21 Hankins, James L.  18 Mar 1912probably Boone County, Arkansas I3148 Our Genealogy 
22 Hankins, Martha Jane "Muggs"  1961probably Boone County, Arkansas I3159 Our Genealogy 
23 Higgenbottom, Mary "Mollie"  30 May 1952probably Boone County, Arkansas I3239 Our Genealogy 
24 Logan, Birch Edith  13 Nov 1913probably Boone County, Arkansas I3075 Our Genealogy 
25 Logan, John Wesley  11 Aug 1932probably Boone County, Arkansas I3139 Our Genealogy 
26 McDonald, John T.  16 May 1921Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3497 Our Genealogy 
27 McGraw, Bernice K.  6 Apr 1982probably Boone County, Arkansas I3150 Our Genealogy 
28 Nichols, Thomas William "Tom"  1914Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3247 Our Genealogy 
29 Parker, Dinnie Elma  Mar 1978Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3421 Our Genealogy 
30 Stinnett, William Cleo  1939Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3160 Our Genealogy 
31 Summers, Ella Lizzie  18 Jul 1906probably Boone County, Arkansas I3140 Our Genealogy 
32 Summers, John N.  1875Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3324 Our Genealogy 
33 Summers, Sarah Amanda  8 Oct 1886Probably Boone County, Arkansas I2868 Our Genealogy 
34 Tomlinson, Mittie Eartle  29 Dec 1993Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3843 Our Genealogy 
35 Walker, Carolina  7 Feb 1912Probably Boone County, Arkansas I2844 Our Genealogy 
36 Wooddy, Elizabeth A.  24 May 1908Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3496 Our Genealogy 
37 Wooddy, John  21 Aug 1881probably Boone County, Arkansas I2908 Our Genealogy 
38 [Summers], Nancy  1909Probably Boone County, Arkansas I3323 Our Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Capps / Eoff  1886probably Boone County, Arkansas F1291 Our Genealogy 
2 Capps / Sharp  26 Feb 1911probably Boone County, Arkansas F1707 Our Genealogy 
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