Spiddy's Kids
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We have been gone a long time.

I got a very exciting job, Library Director of the Glenwood Public Library, and no longer had time to keep up with this genealogy website.

But we're back! Will be uploading pictures and documents as I can.

This website contains all of my research to date, including sources, notes and speculation.

I limit my research to direct ancestors, their siblings and nieces and nephews (and spouses of these relatives), that is to say, first cousins.

You will find an extensive collection of census enumerations and other transcribed research and notes. Some of my census notes are not yet online so please write if the person in whom you are interested has no census notations.

While I focus on first-cousin relatives (and closer) of direct ancestors, you will frequently find further information about more extended family members by reading my notes.

I find that I'm too busy to do much research or maintain my correspondence these days, but feel free to write if you have questions or concerns. I can't promise to write back quickly but I will write back eventually.

Be sure to read my sources: all speculations are noted.

If you don't know where to start, you might check out Today in Family History.

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Relatively out of the Ordinary Experiences

Every family has those people who either choose to live life a little differently, had an unusual experience, or in the middle of a perfectly normal life had unusual circumstances forced on them.

Here are a few of these not-so-ordinary stories from the thousands of people in these webpages.

Painter families: Anderson familes:

Milly Slinker had 4 children out of wedlock around 1800 and then married a preacher. She gets everyone riled.

Sarah Kennedy Hudson was a young mother who was murdered by her father.

Ira A. Capps, his hobby was woodworking, so he built an airplane from a Popular Mechanics schematic.

Reuben Jackson had 15 children and was a Saddler during the War of 1812.

Twyla Gilbreath. Family tradition was that she divorced her husband to run off with the circus. It was true.

William V. McNeely. Became a preacher after serving in the Civil War. Read his articles of faith.


This website is dedicated to Experience "Spiddy" Wells Mitchell Cox Pierce, my 'most wanted'.

Spiddy lived in Greene County, Tennessee all of her adult life and was married to three men: She first married Thomas Mitchell, who died, leaving her a widow with 2 children at 24. She then married Aaron Cox, who she believed abandoned her. After her divorce, she married James Pierce, who survived her.

She had eight children: Andrew and Lorinda J. Mitchell, Claudius Cox, and Newt, Mat, Sarie, Tilda, and Dan Pierce.

It is not known who her parents were, when she died, or where she was buried.

[Most Wanted]

A few resources that I have used.